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Our Team

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Elaine Prouty

Founder, CEO & Writer

Elaine Zapalac Prouty grew up in beautiful, eclectic Austin, Texas during the sixties and seventies, and spent her time reading stories, playing music, and avoiding homework. After raising a family in California, she now lives on beautiful, eclectic Bainbridge Island, Washington--and spends her time writing stories, composing music, and avoiding housework. 

Christian Horning


As a former student of the Great Books, Christian attempts to live a quiet, reflective, and simple life. Unfortunately, he’s not very good at it. If he’s not staring at a blank screen-- willing a word into existence-- he’s making trouble.  So, let’s keep him writing.

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Mikael Yusifov

Associate Art Director

Mikael is an illustrator, passionate for visual story telling through graphic novels, animations and video games. From the very early concept phase, to putting the final ink on the page, he is happy to work with a talented team on any aspect of the story that they are bringing to life.

Blayne Fox (she/they)

Senior Artist

An award-winning illustrator with over a decade of experience, Blayne brings stories to life through vibrant digital paintings. From her LGBTQIA+ webcomic debut of Dancing on Embers to freelancing for NatGeo Kids and Discovery Channel, she earned representation with Illustration Online LTD and entered the children’s book industry. Her award-winning illustrations for picture books Eagle vs Bear and The Merry Christmas Mittens led her to join Astronewt Studio, becoming the sole artist crafting the sequel to their kids’ graphic novel series Lucille. Beyond art, Blayne engages with her community by volunteering at a cat rescue, leading a late-night figure-drawing group, and hosting a Drink n’ Draw for local artists.


Kate Sova

Lead Artist

Kate Sova was born – and has largely remained – on the Pacific Coast. She grew up drawing pictures of people with vaguely the correct number of fingers before moving onto monsters and eight-legged My Little Ponies. After High School she studied art and illustration at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and the Laguna College of Art and Design in Orange County. She now lives in Washington state, where she remains appreciative of the natural splendor—along with the area’s numerous poke bowl joints. Katie has a passion for creature design and fantasy, and enjoys developing protagonists who struggle against near-impossible odds, eventually finding a sense of home within unusual communities.

Isabelle Dorr

Background Painter

With a cup of tea in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, Isabelle loves to paint anything and everything. When she’s not painting, she can be found hiking in the mountains of the northwest, or hanging out with her cats- both of which inspire the majority of her artwork.


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Cheryl Yusifov

Studio Artist

With a passion for art, storytelling, and worldbuilding, Cheryl spends most of her time creating and consuming comics. She enjoys assisting the talented team by giving color to characters in her relaxing and fulfilling role.

Jacob Romeo Lecuyer

Creative Director

Jacob works as a creative director and visual development artist in the world of animation, games, comics, and theme parks. He feels most at home working with talented design teams and fellow world builders to actualize visions much bigger than anything they could create as individuals.


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Debbie Cushman

Office Manager

Debbie grew up and still lives in California.  It's where she developed her love of math, budgeting and
mystery  books.  She honed those mystery skills as the *account manager* to tackle the books and keep
the accounts in order, cracking every little case that comes her way.   She loves finding the little
discrepancies and making them right. She also loves to be outside, taking walks, playing in her weekly bocce ball leagues and having fun with her grandkids.

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